Chocolate Zucchini Cake


This CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI CAKE is so moist and decadent! It's topped off with my mama's famous fudgy frosting. This cake is the perfect way to use up that zucchini! I absolutely love zucchini! It's so


  1. Posted by mieander, — Reply

    Yum! I needed it faster and baked it in a half baker's sheet for 30 min-worked out great! It doesn't even need frosting-I just sprinkled a little powdered sugar over each slice as we cut it for effect. Maybe next time I'll toss some chocolate chips in :)

  2. Posted by squirreliest, — Reply

    I just made this (sans the applesauce; doubling up on oil and using brown sugar instead of castor) and it is by far the fluffiest and most moist pan-cake I've ever made. Calling it healthy/healthier just because it has zucchini in it is ridiculous since it pretty much has equal parts sugar and flour.

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  5. Posted by alexsisbrownlol, — Reply

    If I bite into a cake and taste zucchini everybody around me is dying

  6. Posted by mickey34668, — Reply

    Tasted awesome no veggies taste.

  7. Posted by Marieandkoko, — Reply

    Eooo what’s wrong with you

  8. Posted by abnerpabner, — Reply

    Evil. This is evil.

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